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Prevention & Safety

Everyone is impacted by injury. Whether unintentional or intentional, injuries create challenges for productivity, mental and emotional health, learning, healthy development, and careers… not to mention the financial costs to organizations and communities. But injuries are preventable! The Canadian Red Cross—through its First Aid, Swimming & Water Safety, and Violence, Respect Education programs—provides individuals, schools, businesses, organizations and communities with education which elevates health and prevents harm. Adults, youth and children can all learn to increase their own safety and to use their knowledge to help create a safer world for everyone.

Join with Canadian Red Cross and help build:
  • healthy workplaces where people understand how to do their jobs safely, are able to respond in emergency situations and feel respected and supported
  • positive school climates where youth learn to keep themselves and others safe from injuries, abuse, and bullying… and where staff and students have the knowledge to offer assistance and get help when needed
  • community programs where child, youth and adult participants enjoy recreational and learning environments that are physically and emotionally safe
  • supportive communities where any person who is experiencing violence can access effective help and protection.

Red Cross e-learning offers affordable, flexible online courses you can take now to learn ways to create safety for you, your family, your colleagues, and your clients/beneficiaries.
Let the Canadian Red Cross with its decades of experience providing safety and prevention education across the country—and around the world—give you the knowledge and skills you need now.